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We put our clients first. It is what guides us to go above and beyond our customers' expectations when managing mission-critical hosting environments.

World-Class Since 2003


Axcelx, appropriately derived from the word “excel,” is widely known for being the leader in Colocation and Cloud Services since 2003. Just like technology, we are always growing and providing you with the most up-to-date services to streamline your internet and infrastructure needs.


To provide our customers with data center services that empower them to GROW, INNOVATE and WIN!


Instead of maintaining servers in your office or home where there isn't proper cooling or infrastructure redundancy. Customers choose to co-locate their equipment by renting space, power and connectity with Axcelx. You benefit from the low latency, scale on demand, physical security and infrastructure redundancy.
Cloud Services (VPS):
We provide various types of Cloud Services and one of our more popular services is BostonVPS where we provide Virtual Private Servers. You rent a virtual server which is hosted on our cluster of servers. Your virtual server contains its own os, memory, cpu and bandwidth which is never over-subscribed.
Internet Connectivity:
If your a tenant in one of our buildings or an existing customer we offer ISP services with -zero- long term contracts and high fees. We understand what it takes to operate a successful company and ISP service should not be your highest bill.
Dedicated Servers:
In some scenarios it may be difficult to procure hardware or your limited on OPEX spending. This is where we provide the server and you rent the system from us.

Having a partner like Axcelx, allows you to reduce overhead cost, provides you with expert technical resources, and allows you to spend more time focusing on your customers.

Need something that’s not listed here? Please reach contact our team today for a custom quote. We can bundle and adjust services based on your individual needs.


Why Axcelx?
Full Redundant 1000/10000Mbps Connections?
Most Internet service providers limit your bandwidth and set restriction on which Internet Provider your data travels through. At Axcelx, you always get a full 1000Mbps fast Ethernet connection to the Internet for maximum performance. You may not always need it, but it is nice to know it is there to handle any sudden spikes in traffic. All our switches have 20G or 40G for the uplinks and 1G or 10G down to the customer.
Stable, Debt-free Company

Axcelx is a 100% employee-owned New Hampshire LLC with no debt or equipment leases. Unlike so many large ISPs and telecommunications companies that overextend themselves, no outside investors can affect the services we provide to our customers. We are proud to say that we are a financially stable company.

Affordable Pricing

Axcelx offers full-featured datacenter services with lots of bandwidth and service options, all priced aggressively to work for your business.

Guaranteed Performance

Axcelx offers a 100% network uptime gurantee. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service we will implement a solution to make you satisfied.

Experience You Can Trust
Our team has been expanding, moving and building data centers since the 1990's, attaining profitability and serving many hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Our team has experience dating back to 1997. Today, we specialize in colocation, managed hosting solutions, and consulting in order to deliver the powerful Internet infrastructure and business-class services our customers expect..